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Platform Technology

Slipstream CLEAR utilises state of the art technologies to deliver transport & logistics providers unparalleled visibility, efficiency & cost savings across their business

Cloud Hosting

Delivering Slipstream CLEAR users scalability, flexibility, security, reliability & ease of integration with other platforms & tools

Artificial Intellegence

AI is used to driver optimal decision making across key operational inputs such as traffic conditions and customer constraints

Machine Learning

ML allows carriers to make better decisions by anticipating the future needs of their customers & constantly adapting to the changing environment

IOT Connectivity

GPS trackers can be connected to provide real-time data, allowing the TMS to monitor routes, and optimise schedules.

Platform Security

Slipstream CLEAR incorporates  access control, data encryption, backup & disaster recovery capabilities to ensure the safety of data & its users

Predictive Analytics

Used to forecast demand & optimise resource allocation, allowing carriers to make better decisions on scheduling & routing

Truck Technology

"We're driving the evolution of if the industry, by harnessing the power of data, automation & artificial intelligence"

Road at Dusk

Discover.   Automate.  Optimise.

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