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About Us

At Slipstream, we're driven by our passion for innovation and our unwavering dedication to revolutionising software solutions for the Transport and Logistics industry.


Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to push boundaries, enhance efficiencies and empower businesses in their pursuit of operational success

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"We seek to challenge the status quo and surpass the limitations imposed by legacy platform providers currently occupying the space"

Our Story

Slipstream, established by Wade McDonough in 2005, traces its roots back to Wade's experience as a medical devices consultant in Silicon Valley, CA, USA, including a remarkable stint at NASA.


This experience enabled him to further craft his understanding of engineering practices and their effective application in solving intricate business challenges.

During its early years, Slipstream dedicated its efforts to developing web-based software systems and process automation tools  for businesses. Employing an industry-agnostic approach, the company focused on verticals that were in most need of digital transformation.


Notably, Slipstream undertook many projects within the transport and logistics sector, recognising the significant potential for process improvement in this field.

Having amassed invaluable knowledge and expertise over the course of 18+ years, Slipstream strategically shifted its focus to the development of a best in class Transport Management Software solution for the industry.   

Our Team

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