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Driver Application

"Empower your drivers with advanced in-cab technology designed to simplify daily operational requirements 

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Key Features

Job Management

Simple view of assigned jobs that can be updated in real time.

Simple one touch load in / out feature for drivers.

Accidents & Incidents

Capture text, voice or photos related to a driver / fleet accident or incident.

Accident & Incident events trigger automatic operations team alerts ensure prompt action.

Sign on Glass / POD's

Capture delivery details within the application (Photos / Signature / Delivery notes) 

Automated creation of delivery documents / POD's  via the integrated TMS solution


Safety & Compliance

Capture and record safety & compliance matters for immediate action.

Online access to forms, load & unload instruction, safety documentation as required

Driver Fatigue

Simple management of planned vs actual drive hours to ensure adherence with BFM standards.

Ability to integrate the application with Electronic Work Diary applications.

Driver Communications

Direct message capabilities

Update load / unload instruction in real time

Voice record capabilities to improve in-cab safety & compliance. of drivers

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"Our cutting-edge transport technology solutions are shaping the industry & paving the way for a more transparent, efficient & connected supply chain"

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