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Fuel Tax Credits

Save time, save money & remove the guesswork when calculating your FTC claims

What are Fuel Tax Credits?



The retail price of fuel sold in Australia includes a fuel tax. 


When you use fuel for specific business purposes, you can claim this tax back as a fuel tax credit (FTC).

The amount you can claim depends on when you acquire the fuel, what type fuel you use & the activity you use it for. 

Companies  can also make retrospective claims for up to 4 years, based on a consistent 6 month pattern of fuel use.

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“Utilise the interactive dashboard to review statistics & information about your fleet activity”

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How It Works

“The right fuel tax reporting software will ensure you’re claiming the full amount you’re entitled to”


The Slipstream Fuel Tax Credit module combines everything you need to automate & maximise your FTC return. Our platform solution includes GPS data analysis, route history, engine hours, idling time, vehicle type, claim rate and off-road analysis

Data collected via vehicles in-built navigation system

Data extracted & imported into Slipstream FTC module

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Export monthly FCT calculation

Access to other detailed fleet reporting

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