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Safety & Compliance

Enhance your operational efficiency, instil confidence in your customers and establish yourself as an industry leader with our comprehensive safety & compliance solution 

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"Our technology solutions are shaping the industry & paving the way for a more transparent, efficient & connected supply chain"

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 "Streamlined processes, real-time monitoring &  actionable insights for a secure &  compliant operation"

Key Features

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  • Configure safety & compliance items specific to your team of drivers

  • Set & trigger automated alerts for when key compliance metrics have been breached

  • Issue corrective action items & assign team members to facilitate their resolution



  • Design & manage key metrics to ensure the compliance of your fleet at all times

  • Trigger automated alerts for when key events such as overloading take place

  • Generate an audit trail of non compliant events to determine the root cause



  • Incorporate the specific requirements of your customers into your  operational safety & compliance plan

  • Monitor your performance of against these KPI’s via an interactive dashboard

  • Generate an audit trail of non compliant events to determine the root cause


Discover.   Automate.  Optimise.

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