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Petrol Tanket Sunset

Powerful software solutions for the Transport & Logistics Industry

Transport Management Software

Slipstream CLEAR is designed & developed to meet specific needs of the Transport & Logistics industry.  Platform Modules can be deployed in isolation or combined to deliver the industry's most powerful Transport Management Software solution

Load planning & Route optimisation 

Streamline your operations & maximise your efficiency by deploying our innovative Load Planning & Route Optimisation tool. It uses advanced algorithms to generate the most optimal routes, saving time, reducing operational spend & improving customer satisfaction

Safety & Compliance 

Take charge of your fleet & drive safety with our advanced platform Safety & Compliance solution. The module  seamlessly integrates with existing job management systems. With easy configuration options, customise the platform to meet the specific requirements of both your customers and industry 

Workshop Manager

Our Workshop Management software revolutionises the way your department will operate, streamlining processes & maximising efficiency across your operation. From predictive service scheduling & tracking maintenance tasks, to monitoring inventory  & ordering spare parts, this comprehensive tool simplifies the entire workflow

Fuel Tax Credits Claims

A comprehensive platform solution designed to streamline and optimise your business's FTC return process. Harnessing the power of GPS data analysis, the tool can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and ensure accurate and efficient fuel tax credit calculations.  Take control and unlock significant savings

Sunset Motorway

Discover.   Automate.  Optimise.

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