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Driver Application

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"We're driving the evolution of if the industry, by harnessing the power of data, automation & artificial intelligence"

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"Empower drivers with advanced technology tailored to simplify their daily operational requirements"

Job Management

Incorporates the ability to control the flow of  job assignment to drivers.

One touch load in / out function

Sign on Glass / Electronic POD

Timesheet capture

Incidents & Accidents

Capture written, voice or photos related to incident

Events trigger alerts for review & action

Ease of use

Driver application is device agnostic

Incorporates one-touch functionality Offline mode 

Safety & Compliance

Driver can capture & record safety & compliance matters 

Events trigger alerts for review & action

Online forms to capture event details 

Driver Fatigue

Automatic alerts for when driver has exceed available driving hours inline with BFM regulations

Driver Communications

Direct message capabilities with the driver

Ability to share updated load / Unload instruction   

Voice record & translate capabilities to more efficiently capture info from driver

Sunset Motorway

Discover.   Automate.  Optimise.

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